Get your people thinking about how they lead and learn together in this environment of constant and fast evolution.

    Ferocious Warmth Leadership

    Collaborative Learning Cultures

    Culture and Strategy Should Eat Breakfast Together

    Psychological Safety for Learning and High Performance

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    Do your teams need to create an environment of inquiry and curiosity? One that pushes the status quo and gets to the real discussions? Tracey's style is invitational yet challenging. She is obsessed with helping business, education and health leaders shake the status quo to reach extraordinary outcomes. Building an atmosphere of collaborative inquiry, Tracey encourages people to come together to find solutions together and step into a space of deep learning - and work from both the head and the heart.

    Ferocious Warmth 10 Minute Presentation

    I loved working with Synergy Effect to create this talk on Ferocious Warmth in a virtual setting when we first went into lockdown. Love the innovation that sprang up so quickly.

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    QELI Talks

     A video on leading collaboration for the Queensland Education Leadership Institute

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    Bastow Institute

    Some thinking on trust and collaboration from way back in 2015! Still holds true today.