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    Tracey has had the pleasure of speaking with worldwide industry leaders on their podcasts and has contributed articles to various magazines on Ferocious Warmth Leadership, collaborative cultures, staff learning environments and much more. View the links to these podcasts and publication articles below.

    To have Tracey on your podcast or to speak further with her, email here. She would love to speak with you.
  • Podcasts and Videos

    Tracey has spoken with worldwide industry leaders on their podcasts discussing Ferocious Warmth Leadership, collaborative cultures, staff learning environments and much more. Listen to these using the links below.

    To have Tracey on your podcast, email here. She would love to speak with you.

    May 2023

    In this episode of the School of Wellbeing podcast, host Meg Durham sits down with Tracey Ezard, author of Ferocious Warmth, to explore this very topic. Discover the concept of ferocious warmth and how it can help leaders create a thriving environment for students, teachers, and support staff.


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    September 2022

    The Game Changers podcast celebrates those true pioneers in education who are building schools for tomorrow. In this eighth conversation of Series Eleven, we talk with Tracey Ezard, known for her ‘Ferocious Warmth’ leadership approach and professional collaborative culture.



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    August 2022

    Learning and leadership specialist, Tracey Ezard, shared her insights on growth with The HR Leader.


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    How to Build Collaborative Learning Cultures - Video Series with International Institute of Directors and Managers 

    November, 2022

    In this video with IIDM, I discuss why a learning culture is critical for organisations to thrive and how a collective growth mindset, a compelling environment for learning and having the right conversations are essential in creating ’The Buzz’.

    November 2022

    In this episode, Tracey and Shelley chat about emotional intelligence and how essential it is to leadership. It’s about appreciating what goes on in our head just as much as what goes on in our heart and taking the time to reflect and learn with others.

    Tracey shares that professional intimacy is about building relationships that see the whole person and puts humanness over worthiness. A fabulous conversation that makes so much sense!


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    October 2022

    Loved discussing education, dynamics, team and leadership with Sarah Philp on the Changing Conversations Podcast from Scotland!


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    September 2022

    Cec Busby from Flying Solo and Tracey discuss the need to develop more empathy as a leader and why we all need to get beyond the culture of ‘nice’ to one that challenges us instead.


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    August 2022

    As seen on Ticker TV, watch Tracey's interview discussing why empathy is a crucial leadership skill.

    July 2022

    Deborah Netolicky talks to Tracey about leadership, collaboration, learning, and developing psychologically-safe organisational cultures.


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    June 2022

    Listen to Tracey and Dan discuss Ferocious Warmth Leadership in this episode of The Habits of Leadership podcast.


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    February 2022

    Join Tracey in conversation with Jethro Jones from the Transformative Principal podcast in Alaska, USA where they discuss the key elements of Ferocious Warmth Leadership and the daily dance to keep you in balance so you can lead with your head AND your heart.


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    February 2022

    Join Tracey in conversation with Richard Reid from the HeadRoom podcast in Northern Ireland as they discuss how you can develop a collaborative staff learning culture in your school and using the many videos and resources in the Buzz Academy to support this growth.


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    February 2022

    In this short 30 minute podcast with Craig Kemp from the Ignite EdTech we discuss collaborative cultures, The Buzz Academy and Ferocious Warmth Leadership.


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    September 2021

    Life is messy. And sometimes it gets out of balance.

    So when we feel we are a bit out of kilter how do we begin to tackle this in order to best bring our best selves into our leadership work?

    In this FSA conversation, Jen Buchanan and I chat about the 'humanness' we can bring to leadership.

    To find out more about how Future Schools Alliance supports schools to explore and promote future focused schooling, head over to their website - https://futureschools.education


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    August 2021

    'In education, leaders have been the oxygen not just the mask'.


    I was excited to be invited to speak about Ferocious Warmth with Richard Reid from the Headroom podcast in the UK this month.

    In this conversation we take a deep dive into the concept of a 'Ferocious Warmth Leader'. Whether you're new to leadership or you're a seasoned pro there is something here for everyone.


    Available through Spotify link below

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    August 2021

    If you missed the Afternoon with an Author webcast in August with Maree McPherson, here is the replay link where Maree and I discuss Ferocious Warmth.

    We all need ferocious warmth in our lives right now – from our leaders and within ourselves.


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    December 2020

    What if you were told that your own Ignorant Truths are getting in the way of your progress?

    What opportunities could exist if you owned your Ignorant Truth to collaborate, learn and connect more?

    And how do you feel about the need for Ferocious Warmth is leadership?

    In this podcast I discuss Ferocious Warmth Leadership with Janine Garner:
    - The duality of leadership
    - The need for Ferocious Warmth amongst our leaders
    - Creating the space for learning and unlocking the brilliance of others
    - How our own assumptions, our Ignorant Truth, gets in the way.


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    September 2020

    I was honoured to be asked to speak on Ferocious Warmth at The Centre for Optimism in conversation with Victor Perton. We had a fabulous hour of discussion with people in Australia and the US on leaders who lift results AND relationships to extraordinary. We discussed infectious optimism and realist optimism. And being the Monday of a new extended lockdown here in Melbourne, the need to maintain selfcare to keep ourselves well, along with adaptability and learnability to find momentum in these days of challenge. Fabulous input and thinking from the inspirational people who came along to discuss these topics.


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    May 2020

    In this 13 minute video, Dr Stephen Kendall-Jones, Principal of Albany Junior High School and I talk about leading a school through the remote learning phase of COVID19 and he and his school are capturing the innovations to take forward.

    April 2020

    Our current context requires leadership that connects virtually. This 5-minute video gives you three tips that can increase your confidence, connection and clarity on camera.


    March 2020

    I was privileged to speak at VID19 Conference in March 2020, a 19 day conference of speakers created by Julia Steel at the start of the COVID19 lockdown. It was an honour and a privilege to take part with over 120 speakers.

    I spoke on Ferocious Warmth leadership. Many of you know that I am currently writing the book of the same name, and have been delivering leadership programs that help leaders get the balance of the head and the heart right.

    If you are interested in seeing this session, the link to the recording can be found below

    My session on Ferocious Warmth Leadership was visually captured by Katherine Baulch and I love it! Thank you Katherine for your take on my presentation.


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    Tracey has contributed articles to various magazines on Ferocious Warmth Leadership, collaborative cultures, staff learning environments and much more. These articles can be viewed below.

    CEOWorld Magazine, October 2022

    Do you have the balance of Ferocious Warmth to be able to inspire transformation and the warmth to support people to get there? Or is a fearsome style of leadership becoming your default?


    Click here for full article

    Insurance Business Magazine September 2022

    The most effective are those who understand the emotions that motivate their staff and help them thrive, said Tracey Ezard


    Click here for full article

    Training & Development Magazine September 2022

    The dehumanisation of corporate language is a sad mirror of the actual experience of many people working for organisations. Creating an environment and culture of adaptability and flexibility is the aim of many organisations, yet in doing so, many are forgetting that with high challenge must come high support.


    Click here for full article

    The HR Director, September 2022

    A learning culture is a catalyst for transformation. It provides the momentum and right environment to tackle the status quo and most importantly, do it as a collective focused on improvement.


    Click here for full article

    CEOWorld Magazine, September 2022

    Every quality conversation leads to a positive challenge culture where the status quo is never left to set in stone.


    Click here for full article

    SmartCompany Plus, September 2022

    When great leaders are in balance, they are both ferocious about their purpose, while warmly building strong and enduring relationships. This seeming paradox comes together in what I call Ferocious Warmth.

    Click here for full article

    CEOWorld Magazine, August 2022

    What’s The Buzz? It’s the energy in a culture built on collaboration, trust and learning. It’s an exciting place to work, with a buzzing learning zone. The sense of purpose is palpable, as is the willingness to find new ways of transforming the work.


    Click here for full article

    International Institute of Directors and Managers, August 2022

    When we step out of our own individual view of the world to learn more from each other, we’re well on the way to robust, insightful and useful collaborations, and the growth mindset of the collective.

    Click here for full article

    Institute of Managers and Leaders, August 2022

    Learning cultures don’t happen by chance. Building a strong collective learning mindset, a compelling team environment and having the right conversations is a momentum turbocharge for teams. These cultures are crafted by leaders who create environments where curiosity, reflections and deeper discussions are the norm – not the exception.


    Click here for full article

    HR Daily, August 2022

    When we get all three pillars of The Buzz really working together, we create environments of strong psychological safety to be able to take risks, push the status quo & explore with each other where we could do things differently.


    Click here for full article

    Human Resources Director, August 2022

    We get better insights around strategy and what we are trying to achieve because we talk to people on the ground and see that there are more effective ways of doing things.


    Click here for full article

    PSNews.com.au, August 2022

    Evolving to high performance often requires us to re-wire the way teams are led, connect, the quality of the conversations and the presence of voice.

    What do you bring to your team that enables voice and contribution and candid dialogue? How can you practice having good challenging discussions with a sense of excitement rather than fear?


    Click here for full article

    CFO Magazine, July 2022

    Leadership has long been a dynamic dance balancing attaining results with managing and leading people. In this era, agility and adaptability become the skills of the thriving organisation, team and individual. The ability for teams to move within the grey and evolve to new ways of working and collaborating requires a new level of skills for leaders to enable a culture where that is possible.


    Click here for full article

    CEOWORLD Magazine, July 2022

    Do we really need to check whether we ‘allow’ voice in our teams? But I’m calling it. I’m challenged by the number of middle leaders and team members who share that their senior leaders don’t ‘allow’ voice. Do you allow, invite, enable and enact voice?


    Click here for full article


    LEADING LEARNING CULTURES is bread and butter for education leaders. Balancing between high support and high challenge with our teachers is the tightrope we tread to get momentum for the shift and transformation needed. The Ferocious Warmth leader is constantly aware of the push and pull of relationships and results, culture and strategy, head and heart. Together, hand in glove – not one without the other. Ferocious Warmth leaders are skilled at creating an environment where individual and collective genius shines through. People are encouraged to stretch and grow together, to lift higher and find their genius, while being held with empathy, support and trust.


    Click here for full article

    Leading with Ferocious Warmth

    AEL Magazine. Issue 1, 2021

    It is no news to anyone reading that the year 2020 provided us
    with seemingly polar thoughts and feelings. This year, when asking educators how they were travelling, their words reflected both the challenges and the opportunities we faced. Exhausted yet elated, frazzled yet positive, weary yet energised. We’ve lived the experience of futurist Alvin Toffler’s famous approach: that the literate of tomorrow will be those who can learn, unlearn and relearn. This year has provided rich learning for both teachers and students in how education can be different and how quickly we can adapt to a new context.


    Click here for full article

    CEOWORLD Magazine, August 2022

    Leadership is full of contradictions. Without them, leadership would be a walk in the park. We could make decisions quickly and easily, as the answer would be straightforward. Yet I know every person reading this understands the complexity of leading. We need to draw from both our ferocity and our warmth to balance results and relationships.


    Click here for full article

    ACCESS Magazine. November 2019

    I was honoured to present the keynote at the ASLA 50th Anniversary National Conference in April 2019. Not only was the conference held in the magnificent National Library of Australia, the room was bursting with people full of energy and passion for the work that they do in school libraries all around Australia. There was indeed a ‘buzz’ in the room as we investigated the exciting possibilities that collaboration and co-creation gives to a school and the integral part library teams can play. My other thrill was presenting on an agenda with one of my favourite authors from my time in the classroom, Morris Gleitzman. I had a fan-girl moment!


    Click here for full article

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