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  • Glue

    The Stuff That Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work

    by Tracey Ezard

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    Trust and collaboration are essential for real innovation to flourish. Glue reminds us of our essential nature as human beings – as co-creators – with an inbuilt need for deep connection and continuous learning.

    Yet fear of failure and judgement often throttle the creative insights and knowledge-sharing that are so essential to the long-term success of companies today.

    Glue not only recognises this problem, but opens a vital dialogue that leaders can continue with their people to find their own unique answers (now that’s collaboration!)

    Warning, after reading and applying the ideas in this book, your teams may never be the same again!

    • Status quos questioned
    • Assumptions challenged
    • Not-knowing embraced
    • Honest conversations will happen naturally.

    And eventually…

    • Risks taken, so that trust and collaboration become a working reality.  

    Glue gets us looking above conventional teams to the approach more fitting the 21st Century. Honour this 21st Century tribe culture, and watch your company become extraordinary!

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