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    NOW AVAILABLE - Ferocious Warmth Online Course

    $99 per login

    The Ferocious Warmth online course comprises of 8 modules that cover the essential concepts of Ferocious Warmth. The head and the heart of leadership, and the four key elements that Ferocious Warmth leaders draw from. The self paced modules with videos and activities are designed for you to work through as an individual but is also suitable for leadership team development, with everyone working individually, in the same time frame, then coming together to discuss the concepts and work through the activities together.


    Use in conjunction with the Ferocious Warmth book, available now through the online store or as an audo book.


    To learn more or to start the course today, click here.


    Results AND Relationships

    Head AND Heart

    Strategy AND Culture

    At the best of times leadership is messy. It’s about a way of being, not doing. It's nebulous, nuanced and elusive, as much to do with feeling and energy as thinking and planning. It's contextual and responsive and can never be one size fits all. When great leaders are in balance, they are both ferocious about the moral purpose and courageously making a stand, while warmly building strong and enduring relationships. This seeming paradox comes together in what Tracey Ezard calls Ferocious Warmth. Leading within the tension of both epitomises the daily dance of leadership.


    When you meet a Ferocious Warmth leader, you know it. It is art and science in partnership, a constant flow between the head and the heart and an essential skill for leaders who seek to inspire and transform wherever they lead. Tracey works with leaders, leadership teams and whole organisations to build Ferocious Warmth and deep learning and collaborative cultures.


    What is Ferocious Warmth? This 10 minute video, done in a studio with Synergy Effect at the start of the pandemic when we were exploring new ways of doing conferences, and connecting and stretching the technology. Fun!

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  • Leader and Organisational Programs

    Bespoke design that meets the needs of your organisation

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    Ferocious Warmth Leadership

    Ferocious Warmth Leadership PROGRAM

    Leadership is messy. Every day there are myriad cross relationships, interactions and dances that go on in offices, meeting rooms and corridors. Leading in the messy middle of that is hard work. It constantly pulls us to one direction or another. Our ability to lead with balance and calmness can be a daily challenge.


    Tracey Ezard works with leaders to increase their ability to balance both results and relationships. With intact leadership teams or leadership programs, we cover topics such as trust, conversational intelligence, psychological safety and empathy, as well as strategic thinking tools to bring leadership shift.

    Tracey works with leaders to enable them to achieve real shift in their organisations.

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    LEAP Strategy - Collaborative Planning That Does Make A Difference and Give You the Momentum You Need!

    Have your leaders sat through strategic planning that sucked? Retreats that bored everyone to snores and strategy that got locked into the filing cabinet? Tracey Ezard uses leading edge collaborative visual tools to take organisations through a thought provoking and future focussed process, ending with a dynamic, aligned and committed plan of action.

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    Have you got THE BUZZ? Thriving Professional Learning Environments

    Explore and strengthen the key elements of vibrant and thriving professional learning communities . Working with Tracey on this core skill of transformational organisations provides opportunity for your staff to identify their strengths in this area and how they can tap further into their emotional intelligence and 'learning intelligence' to create a thriving environment - even when times are tough!

    Elevate from a Hum to a Buzz!

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    Engaging and motivating keynote speaking - psychological safety; learning; leadership; collaboration

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    Mentor and Critical Friend

    Helping leaders challenge the status quo and create momentum in their organisations

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    The Buzz: Creating Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Cultures

    Glue: The Stuff That Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Stuff

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    Educator and Facilitator

    Developing leaders and staff through dynamic sessions with a focus on application of learning, shift and transformation in the real world of their work.

    Facilitating the collaborative discussion and harnessing direction, action and outcomes.

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    Executive Coach

    Supporting leaders in their quest for growth