HEAD and HEART


    Are you seeking leadership and culture that get the results AND creates strong connection and relationships? That's the secret sauce of Ferocious Warmth - head and heart, results and relationships. With both these approaches in dynamic interaction, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

    Tracey Ezard

    National Fellow Australian Council of Education Leaders (FACEL)
    2022 Hedley Beare Educator of the Year ACEL Vic
    Certified Speaking Professional - Professional Speakers' Association

    'I wanted to thank you for your inspiration, support and passion for making a difference which has always made me think about what I could do better in all my leadership roles and informed my actions. It has been a pleasure working with you and I have always recommended your books for those leaders if they weren’t already familiar with your work.' Senior Leader



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    Ferocious Warmth Leaders lead high performance and deep learning. They understand how to get the balance of achieving results while building a strong culture of trust, learning and psychological safety. Innovation, momentum and outcomes, leveraged with empathy, compassion and trust. Leadership that focusses on both emotional and strategic intelligence coming together as a dynamic force.


    Tracey works with leaders and their teams to create dynamic leadership and collaborative learning cultures that create new ways of working in a complex world.


    Do your teams collaborate, innovate and learn from one another?
    Are they buzzing with ideas, collaborating on solutions and transforming your organisation?

    If they’re not, where do your leaders need to shift?


    In a fast-paced and dynamic world, our ability to form teams quickly and connect to the work is critical. Tracey helps leaders and teams form the glue that will get them extraordinary results - the glue of collaboration, learning and trust.


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    The Art of Teaching Podcast

    February 2023

    What I love about being a guest on podcasts is the different journey every host takes me on with the interesting questions they ask and their own insights and expertise flavouring the pathway. Speaking with Mathew Green on The Art of Teaching was interesting, fun and a great discussion. Thanks Mathew for having me on.

    Ferocious Warmth - The Leadership Project Podcast

    When being a leader is often a balance between heart and mind, the weighing question is at what cost? Tracey joins Mick Spiers from The Leadership Project to discuss the value of psychological safety in the workplace and how it is not just about the absence of bullying, but creating a culture where individuals feel comfortable taking risks, challenging the status quo, and engaging in open and honest communication without fear of retribution.

    How to Build Collaborative Learning Cultures - Video Series with International Institute of Directors and Managers

    In this video with IIDM, I discuss why a learning culture is critical for organisations to thrive and how a collective growth mindset, a compelling environment for learning and having the right conversations are essential in creating ’The Buzz’.

  • Podcasts

    The Dynamic Leader Podcast with Shelley Flett - November 2022

    Tracey and Shelley chat about emotional intelligence and how essential it is to leadership. It’s about appreciating what goes on in our head just as much as what goes on in our heart and taking the time to reflect and learn with others. 

    Ferocious Warmth - Changing Conversations Podcast

    November, 2022

    Tracey talks about some of the concepts in her recent book, Ferocious Warmth, and the philosophy of leadership with both the heart and the mind. High challenge and high support in a context of emotional intelligence and trust.

    The Edu Salon Podcast with

    Dr Deborah Netolicky

    July 2022

    Fabulous to discuss leadership, collaboration and psychologically safe workplaces with Dr Deborah Netolicky on her The Edu Salon Podcast.

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    Article: 'Why Fearsome Leadership Inflicts Trauma'

    Featured in CEOWorld Magazine, October 2022

    Article: 'A learning culture is key to effective transformation'

    Featured in HR Director, September 2022

    Article: 'The danger of being a toxic leader'

    Featured on SmartCompany Plus, September 2022

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