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  • Ferocious Warmth Leadership Mentoring Program

    New Program Announced!
    February 2024 - June 2024

    This program is open to women in leadership positions who are keen to strengthen their leadership impact and willing to do a deep dive on what they bring to their world. They are women who want to realise their purpose and influence in their roles and in their whole lives. They want to create the future, not stand by and watch mediocrity and status quo keep us all small.


    This is NOT a journey for leaders who are wanting:

    - a step by step, pre-designed leadership development program, with no differentiation

    - one way delivery where the participants are passive receivers

    - consumption not contribution

    - surface learning


    It IS however, for leaders who are after:

    - rich dialogue about the real world challenges of leadership

    - a framework that can guide the discussion (in this case Ferocious Warmth and associated tools and frameworks)

    - an opportunity to learn and grow with leaders from diverse backgrounds

    - a journey of collaborative learning rather than a lockstep series of seminars

    - opportunity to contribute to a leadership learning community

    - deep reflection and discussion

    - activating their influence and power as a leader

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    As well as context-driven discussion, we will deep-dive into:

    - personal purpose and conviction

    - what self-compassion really looks like

    - understanding the sabotage games the voices in our head play

    - how to centre ourselves when out of balance

    - the language of Ferocious Warmth leaders who capture heads AND hearts


    Leaders who have impact in their world create the future, by building the four characteristics of Ferocious Warmth:






    This program will assist you in developing further impact in your leadership, moving up towards Activator level - someone who creates and activates the future with those around them with conviction and purpose.




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    Program components:
    Participants - female leaders from leadership positions across Australia

    • Pre-program one on one session with Tracey to set personal outcomes, identify areas of growth
    • 4 x 2-hour virtual sessions, running February - June 2024 with 6 - 8 members
    • Hard copy and e-version books delivered to support your learning
    • Ferocious Warmth card set and other resources

    Online group resource and discussion board set up for continued group interaction and learning between sessionsIn between session support via phone and zoom when required

    Dates for virtual sessions:
    22 February - 1-3pm AEDT

    21 March - 1-3pm AEDT

    9 May - 1-3pm AEST

    20 June - 1-3pm AEST

    Come along and learn with other women leaders who might be coming from across medicine, education, law, finance and other professions.

    All inclusive cost:

    $1850 plus GST

    To express interest in the program, please contact Suzie (suzie@traceyezard.com) as soon as possible to discuss and secure a spot. Depending on interest we may open a second program.

    If it is not the right time for you, but you are interested, we can put you on the list for the next program.




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  • More Ferocious Warmth Programs

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    NOW AVAILABLE - Ferocious Warmth Online Course

    $99 per login

    The Ferocious Warmth online course comprises of 8 modules that cover the essential concepts of Ferocious Warmth. The head and the heart of leadership, and the four key elements that Ferocious Warmth leaders draw from. The self paced modules with videos and activities are designed for you to work through as an individual but is also suitable for leadership team development, with everyone working individually, in the same time frame, then coming together to discuss the concepts and work through the activities together.


    Use in conjunction with the Ferocious Warmth book, available now through the online store or as an audo book.


    To learn more or to start the course today, click here.

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    ACEL Ferocious Warmth Workshop

    Rydges Sydney Central - 16 November 2023 - Register Now

    I am very excited to be partnering with ACEL for this one day Ferocious Warmth workshop to focus on you and your impact as a leader. Reflection, discussion and frameworks aimed to support you in your leadership growth and development.

    The workshop will cover:
    - Balanced Leadership and the Paradox of Yet - explore the concept of Ferocious Warmth leadership and the challenge of staying in balance when leading.
    - The Four Elements of Ferocious Warmth Leadership - explore the four elements that are present in both individuals and leadership teams who create environments of high challenge, high support, innovation and transformation.
    - The Expansive Element - Building Learning Intelligence - Professional Learning Cultures That Drive Momentum - explore levels of culture that exist in schools and the drivers for improvement and transformation via the professional culture and the three pillars of Mindset, Environment and Dialogue.

    All participants receive the Ferocious Warmth Strengths Cards and Ferocious Warmth book as well as access to the Buzz Diagnostic for their school post the workshop.


    Register here