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Who Has Been The Glue For You?

As you hopefully head off to a well-earned rest, who have been the quiet achievers that have helped you keep it all together?

This is Rose. Rose runs a magnificent gozleme kitchen in my local market. Every day Rose is there flipping and twirling dough as she creates the lightest filo pastry and fillings for her delicious gozleme. I love that Rose doesn't hide away in some back room of the shop. There she is out and proud for everyone to see in her beautiful, signature red headdress. The same colour every day, the same smile, the same delectable, reliable food.

Who are the Roses in your school or office? The quiet and unassuming heroes, that without them there, the foundations would crumble. They work quietly. They work with a beautiful disposition and they feel most fulfilment when serving others without fanfare, without the big accolades.
The ferocious warmth leader doesn't forget them. The ferocious warmth leader is aware of the quiet and industrious people who are the glue of our culture and the glue of the service we provide. They are also aware that showing that you deeply value people isn't always the same for everyone.
The best way to acknowledge our Roses or Harrys? I reckon the language that they love is one of quiet service and quality time with you, so I am betting that if you took the time to pop down to their usual haunt in the school, sat down and had a yak over the cuppas you'd brought with you, that would make their day. Discussing the ins and outs of the last few months, chewing over their insights and sharing yours. Much more than a thank you in the newsletter or at the staff meeting.

Be well and have a gorgeous rest over the term break. Phew! You know you've earned it! I hope it entails great meals, wine, sleep-ins and books - but maybe that's just my dream......