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Thank You Gifts for your Team that Also Help Timor Leste

Gratitude that goes a long way

I'm lucky enough to be on the Board of a great social enterprise The Corner Store Network.  The Corner Store Network, led by Alice Mahar, works with subsistence farmers and villages in Timor Leste with a great local team. They also run a preserving kitchen both here in  Australia and in Timor Leste. Coffee beans are sent to Melbourne for roasting, with farmers being paid directly and then sold from the roastery. Profits are then put back into the enterprise for further impact on environmental and food preservation work. Women and their families especially benefit from the food preservation work and education programs run by the local Timor Leste Corner Store and headed up by Dina Sequoia.

I thought that many of the people who receive my blogs might be interested in how to show gratitude for your teams in a different and more personal way, as well as help to impact the lives of those on Timor Leste.  During the recent devastating floods in Timor Leste, the money we were able to raise built two broken bridges, repaired three roads which were isolating villages, as well as distributing water filters and over 4000 sacks of rice.

It is a small but mighty social enterprise!   So I am hoping that you might find it a good way to thank the people who have been putting in the hard yards in tricky times, as well as helping those in less fortunate circumstances. 

Say thanks to your team with a ‘working from home’ care pack that gives back to the planet and its people, while supporting a local social enterprise.

Included in each $20 care package is:

- 1 x bag of speciality Timorese coffee in home compostable packaging 

- 1 x jar of jam or marmalade made from fruit rescued from overproducing trees 

- 1 x tree planted and cared for by Timorese tree farmers

You can send yours now from

For more info on The Corner Store Network, go to the website