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Somedays are tumbleweed days

It was our third virtual session. An energetic, wonderful bunch of people who have done an incredible job this year dealing with the challenges of 2020. We had been doing sessions on connection, collaboration and were now looking to the future and capturing provocations.

After doing some innovation and assumption work in breakout rooms, I asked the group - who wants to leave us with a big provocation going forward?

And there was nothing. Nada. Crickets. Tumbleweeds rolling down the street.

They were done. Not with the session, but with thinking. They need a rest, and sit for a bit in their comfort zone.

We all need that sometimes. No expectations, just spending time connecting, transitioning, wondering with no pressure, not thinking, just being.

That will help us get back up and look to the future far better.

Could you and your teams do with some tumbleweed time?

You've earned it.