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Overthinking.....Is Your Head Getting in the Way?

I've been thinking about over-thinking...... a bizarre loop that both intrigues and frustrates me. With logic and emotion inextricably tied, often stress, deadlines, overwhelm can lead us to overthink every interaction, every move, every action we've taken, analyse and see if it passes the 'ok' test. It's exhausting!

We've been so focussed lately - maybe it's time for us to take that chill pill and let the heart in - it's where we trust ourselves more rather than second guess every little thing. Maybe daydream a little more....And have our teams daydream with us.

And for those of us that aren't really ready to completely let go of the thinking in the moment, the latest Farnam Street blog discusses Barbara Oakley's concept of mind focussed and mind diffused thinking:

'We are constantly in pursuit of true periods of focus – deep work, flow states, and highly productive sessions where we see tangible results. Much of the learning process occurs during the focused mode of thinking. The diffuse mode is equally important to understand and pursue. The diffuse mode is when our minds are free to wander, we shift into a diffuse mode of thinking. This is sometimes referred to as our natural mode of thinking, or the daydream mode; it’s when we form connections and subconsciously mull over problems. Although diffuse thinking comes in the guise of a break from focus, our minds are still working. Often, it’s only after we switch away from this mode that we realize our brains were indeed working for us. Moving into diffuse mode can be a very brief phenomenon, such as when we briefly stare into the distance before returning to work.'

So I reckon your heart is having a say here - even if your mind is working in a diffused way.....

How do you quieten down that inner voice and let your heart speak? Daydream a little, take the plunge more where your head's not so involved in the decision making.

And let's face it you ALL deserve it! In bucket loads!  

I look forward to chatting with you all soon. As always in admiration for your perseverance, grit and love for the work you do.  

My year: 

As well as working online with many educators over the last year, I've also created an online platform ( to help senior leaders support their leaders of learning to build thriving cultures, and recorded the audio version of Ferocious Warmth as well as launching the book in March!  All have been big projects and I am excited to get them out in the world.

I have been honoured to have a number of leadership teams around Australia and UK use Ferocious Warmth as their leadership reading, using the many Reflection Pauses within the book to reflect and interrogate their thinking.  Thank you to the great leaders who's stories are within the book.

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