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The Blindspots of Our Unconscious Competence

We all have those skills and behaviours that are our strengths - the things we are ‘unconsciously competent’ at.  We no longer really have to focus on them as they come so naturally to us.  Recently, I have been trying to identify the areas of my unconscious competence which are currently not serving me well.  This can be a stretch, as some of this stuff we are so good at, we don’t even recognise that that is indeed the case - they are in a blindspot of our thinking.  Are you are incredibly skilled at procrastination, or a master of making thing harder than they are?  Or maybe you are unconsciously an exemplar of being a self-doubter!    What are your blindspots of unconscious competence?  Is there something you could shine a light on and get serious about becoming incompetent at it instead?
I hope you enjoyed this post.
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