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Spring Means Renewal

But Don’t Forget Self-Preservation
It’s Springtime in my part of the world.  The blossoms have now been overtaken by beautiful green leaves and the flowers are out.  Every year we seem to have a  resident magpie that nests in the tree outside. Whether it is the same one from last year or not I am not sure but the same activity goes on.
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Mum magpie spends her time on the grass near the tree, searching endlessly for worms to feed her baby.  The Spring rains mean the worms rise to the top of the soil and they are always plentiful.
Yesterday I pulled out of my driveway and saw mum magpie standing there with about 8 worms in her beak squirming. I could hear her baby up in the nest chirping incessant and increasing in volume and level.
As we head into the end of the year, as leaders we often look first to feeding and nurturing our staff. Pressure tends to increase for a whole range of reasons heading towards December and the emotional management of others is a key role leaders take in this time - a bit like the magpie making sure there is enough food for her babies.
The thing that I wonder about - how does the mother magpie keep her resourcefulness replenished? How do you as a leader look after yourself so that you can give to others what they need in times of elevated stress? Do you need to focus a bit on yourself so you can give more to others?
Dr John Medina author of Brain Rules speaks of the role of Executive Function - the cognitive control and emotional self regulation function of the brain. Studies show that not only is this function the biggest indicator of success, it is also possible to increase it - by aerobic function - 150 minutes of exercise per week - 30 minute bursts.
Time to get active!
I hope you enjoyed this post.
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