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How Fixed are You?

When obstacles face you, how do you respond? I was attending a multi day learning program this week. It was in a venue in the Sydney CBD. One of the challenges of the venue was the design of the floor. The way to the toilets was very circuitous and you really had to pay attention when you went to the loo, to be able to find the way back - a bit Hansel and Gretel like.

On day two, I head out to the toilets and bumped into Chris, who was whirling around in confusion. She walked past me back towards our room saying: ‘This place is so badly designed, I keep getting lost every time I go to the bathroom’. Now considering the days were long I am presuming Chris had visited the conveniences a number of times and had been whirling around the corridors quite often! How many times do we hit our heads up against the same wall before we say ’stop!’.

How can we be in more of a learning frame when we face obstacles and challenges? What easy steps could Chris have taken to add to her ‘toolkit’ of ‘how to get the bathroom successfully?’ Could she have come out of the workshop room, noted whether she turned one way or another, spotted some landmarks that would help, visualise her route on the floor - whatever it took to give herself some help in getting to where she wanted to go.

Is there something you are whirling around in confusion with over and over again? STOP! What can you do to make shift.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
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