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What Choices Are You Making?

Do you do what you love?
I love the explosives people at the airport security check in. Sometime I wonder what particular criteria they run by as they pick their ‘victims’ or is it just random? Any hoo- I seem to get picked reasonably regularly and I don’t mind in the least for a couple of reasons:
1) Innocence - always useful when having an explosives check before entering an airport terminal
2) Purpose - can’t fault the reason they are there in terms of safety
3) Connection - they are good people!
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Today, my explosives man asked me if I was heading to Canberra, Australia for choice or ‘assignment’. I had to pause for a moment and think……..’Choice’, I answered, “my client is there so that’s where I go…’ ‘No’, he answered, ‘that’s not choice; no one goes to Canberra by choice for work!’
We laughed and I went on my way, reflecting that I did have a choice from the moment my client and I started to talk about working together. I love what I do, so travelling to do it is one of the best choices I make!
What choices are you making? Are you consciously choosing to do things that you love every day - even small things like doing something you love in the middle of a big ‘have to’ job, or ringing a friend you love to chat with? Are you choosing to be the type of person you want to be? Can you choose to smile at someone today and make their day? Can you align your work to do more of the stuff you love?
Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of The Acumen Fund asks the question of people: ‘What are you doing when you feel most beautiful?’ This is such an elegant question to elicit the activities you might be doing when you feel most fulfilled and alive.
Small choice leads to big choices in life - choose wisely and choose well.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
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