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    Ferocious Warmth / Leading the Buzz Resource Booklet

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    SPEAK Framework

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    Strategy Compass Template and Guide

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    Ferocious Warmth Expansive Mini eBook

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    The Buzz eBook

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    Glue eBook

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    Strengths Card Sets - Ideas for use

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    Guided Tour of The Buzz Academy

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    Workshop Feedback

    We would love to hear your thoughts on today's session with Tracey. Click the link below to complete a short 3 minute survey.

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     Purchase Tracey's Books at 10% off


    The Buzz, Glue, Ferocious Warmth and the Ferocious Warmth Strengths Card Sets mentioned during the workshop are all available on Tracey's online store.


    Enter coupon code - COMP10 - at checkout for 10% discount storewide


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    Buzz Academy Annual Subscription

    Transform your school's professional learning culture with a Buzz Academy Membership

    $3,500 plus GST



    - Access to 24 Buzz Bite videos, resources and activities to use strategically as professional learning for your teams

    - Unlimited multiple logins for your staff are available per membership

    - Access to the global Community of Practice

    - Access to the Buzz Diagnostic

    - Bonus Live Sessions with Tracey

    - Opportunity to partner with a less advantaged school and gift a membership to them.


    To learn more about the Buzz Academy or to register for a free 7 day trial, visit www.thebuzz.academy 


    View the short 3 minute guided tour of the Buzz Academy


    Or contact us for more information.

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    Buzz Diagnostic Whole School Aggregation Report

    The Buzz Diagnostic Whole School Aggregated Report will provide you with feedback collated from your staff on their learning and how they perceive your school. By using this report, you will be able to clearly identify where your staff learning culture is at and be inspired to take action. Each staff member receives a confidential individual report based on their responses and has the option to provide comments on the school’s current professional learning culture and areas of improvement. All responses are strictly confidential and no names are used in the final report.


    To complete the Buzz Diagnostic, click the button below to register your interest or send an email to suzie@traceyezard.com


    Click the image above for more information and to download a sample of the aggregated report.

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    Work with Tracey

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