• Facilitation

    In a fast-moving world, teams need to form, storm & norm fast to connect and collaborate for extraordinary outcomes. Galvanising teams quickly & creating a BUZZ is Tracey’s forte.


    Tracey has worked with over 20,000 people globally through facilitation and culture building in teams going through mergers, restructures or intact teams reconnecting to purpose, culture, strategy & values.


    She is a Professional Triber.


    Like a Hollywood director, Tracey understands the challenges of bringing multiple teams together to move collectively with impact. Leaders use Tracey to set the frameworks for collaboration and to create cultures where people come together to achieve amazing things.


    She transforms Teams to become Tribes and Leaders to become Tribers.

    This momentum future-proofs organisations, retains talent, explodes engagement, reduces complacency and the status quo.


    Tracey has been featured in the media extensively & is the author of “The Buzz, Creating a Thriving & Collaborative Learning Culture”. She is also Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.


    ♦ Have you got The Buzz? Creating Thriving Professional Learning Environments

    ♦ Collaboration and Leading High Performing Tribes
    ♦ Developing Leaders to become Tribers
    ♦ Facilitating Co-created Tribe Strategy Days
    ♦ Visual Facilitation


    ♦ KPMG
    ♦ Cadbury
    ♦ Monash Health

    ♦ Headspace

    ♦ Haileybury
    ♦ CEO Sale
    ♦ Department of Education and Early Childhood Development