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    The Buzz - Creating a Thriving &

    Collaborative Staff Learning Culture


    Glue - The Stuff That Binds Us Together

    to do Extraordinary Work

    Tracey Ezard

    Creating leaders and environments where GROWTH is the focus

    Tracey demonstrates a unique ability and skill set to work with organisations creating a collaborative environment where divergent opinions can be canvassed in a safe process, leading to exploration and alignment of thinking; whilst often challenging traditional philosophies and methodology that can limit potential to achieve unique and optimal outcomes. Tracey has assisted us achieve this at both a Board level and at staff levels across the organisation in terms of co-creating strategy to drive change and innovation.’

    Nigel Fidgeon, Chief Executive Officer , Merri Health.

  • Why Work Visually... here are just some of the reasons

    Tracey Ezard






    Do your teams collaborate, innovate and learn from one another?
    Are they buzzing with ideas, collaborating on solutions and transforming your organisation?

    If they’re not, where do your leaders need to shift?


    In a fast-paced and dynamic world, our ability to form teams quickly and connect to the work is critical. Tracey helps leaders and teams form the glue that will get them extraordinary results - the glue of collaboration, learning and trust.


    Ferocious Warmth Leaders lead this space. They understand how to get the balance of achieving results while building a strong culture of trust, learning and psychological safety. Innovation, momentum and outcomes, leveraged with empathy, compassion and trust. Leadership that focusses on both emotional and strategic intelligence coming together as a dynamic force.

  • Books

    for Leaders and Teams

    PRE-ORDER TODAY! Available March 2021

    Ferocious Warmth

    School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform

    by Tracey Ezard

    At the best of times leadership is messy. It’s about a way of being, not doing. It's nebulous, nuanced and elusive, as much to do with feeling and energy as thinking and planning. It's contextual and responsive and can never be one size fits all. When great leaders are in balance, they are both ferocious about the moral purpose and courageously making a stand, while warmly building strong and enduring relationships. This seeming paradox comes together in what Tracey Ezard calls Ferocious Warmth. Leading within the tension of both epitomises the daily dance of leadership.


    When you meet a Ferocious Warmth leader, you know it. It is art and science in partnership, a constant flow between the head and the heart and an essential skill for leaders who seek to inspire and transform education.


    In this book, Tracey Ezard unpacks the elements of the Ferocious Warmth leader. Through stories, discussions with leaders in the field and research, she uncovers a new approach that will help education leaders everywhere find the sweet spot of leading results and relationships, strategy and culture, task and people.


    Ferocious Warmth is firmly and unashamedly a book to celebrate the humanness seen in educational leaders everywhere, to pose questions and seek to answer them. It is a crucial read for those seeking to elevate their leadership.


    The Stuff That Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work

    by Tracey Ezard


    Trust and collaboration are essential for real innovation to flourish. Glue reminds us of our essential nature as human beings – as co-creators – with an inbuilt need for deep connection and continuous learning.

    Yet fear of failure and judgement often throttle the creative insights and knowledge-sharing that are so essential to the long-term success of companies today.

    Glue not only recognises this problem, but opens a vital dialogue that leaders can continue with their people to find their own unique answers (now that’s collaboration!)

    Warning, after reading and applying the ideas in this book, your teams may never be the same again!

    • Status quos questioned
    • Assumptions challenged
    • Not-knowing embraced
    • Honest conversations will happen naturally.

    And eventually…

    • Risks taken, so that trust and collaboration become a working reality.  

    Glue gets us looking above conventional teams to the approach more fitting the 21st Century. Honour this 21st Century tribe culture, and watch your company become extraordinary!

    The Buzz

    Creating A Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture

    by Tracey Ezard

    Written specifically for leaders in the education sector, this book gives you the keys to gaining commitment, collaboration and buy in to the shift you need in your organisation. It will help you build the learning intelligence of your workplace through supporting people outside their comfort zones and into growth. To buy your copy, go to our store below.


    *PRE -ORDER 

    Ferocious Warmth School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform


    The Buzz - Creating a Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture

    A Book for Education Leaders


    Glue. The Stuff That Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work

    A Book for Leaders and Teams that want to Lift Beyond Convention to 21st Century Tribes


    Results AND Relationships

  • Speaker, Author, Educator and Facilitator

    Do your teams need to create an environment of inquiry and curiosity? One that pushes the status quo and gets to the real discussions? Tracey's style is invitational yet challenging. She is obsessed with helping business, education and health leaders shake the status quo to reach extraordinary outcomes. Building an atmosphere of collaborative inquiry, Tracey encourages people to come together to find solutions together and step into a space of deep learning.

    Ferocious Warmth 10 Minute Presentation

    I loved working with Synergy Effect to create this talk on Ferocious Warmth in a virtual setting.

    Certified Speaking Professional

    Professional Speakers' Association

    Certified Member

    QELI Talks

     A video on leading collaboration for the Queensland Education Leadership Institute

    Bastow Institute

    Some thinking on trust and collaboration

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    Get your people thinking about how they lead and learn together in this environment of constant and fast evolution.

    Ferocious Warmth Leadership

    Collaborative Learning Cultures

    Culture and Strategy Should Eat Breakfast Together

    Psychological Safety for Learning and High Performance

  • Watch Tracey in action

    December 2020

    What if you were told that your own Ignorant Truths are getting in the way of your progress?

    What opportunities could exist if you owned your Ignorant Truth to collaborate, learn and connect more?

    And how do you feel about the need for Ferocious Warmth is leadership?

    In this podcast I discuss Ferocious Warmth Leadership with Janine Garner:
    - The duality of leadership
    - The need for Ferocious Warmth amongst our leaders
    - Creating the space for learning and unlocking the brilliance of others
    - How our own assumptions, our Ignorant Truth, gets in the way.


    Click here to listen

    September 2020

    I was honoured to be asked to speak on Ferocious Warmth at The Centre for Optimism in conversation with Victor Perton. We had a fabulous hour of discussion with people in Australia and the US on leaders who lift results AND relationships to extraordinary. We discussed infectious optimism and realist optimism. And being the Monday of a new extended lockdown here in Melbourne, the need to maintain selfcare to keep ourselves well, along with adaptability and learnability to find momentum in these days of challenge. Fabulous input and thinking from the inspirational people who came along to discuss these topics.


    Click here to view

    May 2020

    In this 13 minute video, Dr Stephen Kendall-Jones, Principal of Albany Junior High School and I talk about leading a school through the remote learning phase of COVID19 and he and his school are capturing the innovations to take forward.

    April 2020

    Our current context requires leadership that connects virtually. This 5-minute video gives you three tips that can increase your confidence, connection and clarity on camera.


    March 2020

    I was privileged to speak at VID19 Conference in March 2020, a 19 day conference of speakers created by Julia Steel at the start of the COVID19 lockdown. It was an honour and a privilege to take part with over 120 speakers.

    I spoke on Ferocious Warmth leadership. Many of you know that I am currently writing the book of the same name, and have been delivering leadership programs that help leaders get the balance of the head and the heart right.

    If you are interested in seeing this session, the link to the recording can be found below

    My session on Ferocious Warmth Leadership was visually captured by Katherine Baulch and I love it! Thank you Katherine for your take on my presentation.


    Click here to view

  • Welcome to My Blog

    Periodically Tracey writes blogs that draw on her expertise as a collaboration and leadership expert and provides informative and 'real life' examples of how organisation’s can use these tools and techniques to facilitate change in executive teams and workplace culture through engagement, collaboration and action.

  • Upcoming Events

    March 16 - 18 2021

    This three-day program is designed to inspire, encourage and support Women in Healthcare and Research to reach their full career potential. This program will explore leadership mindset and self-awareness, partnership and collaborative skills and strategic career planning as well as providing supportive networks and partnerships.


    Delivered by Tracey Ezard and Professor Helena Teede with support from current leaders in healthcare and research.

    We will explore:

    The Keys to Leadership

    Change Management

    Collaboration and Partnerships

    Career Development

    Drawing on the leadership challenges faced by the group, our facilitators and mentors will help explore and strategise around them, through group discussion and panel responses.

    Click here to register



    Feb 2021 Program Full - join the waitlist

    This program is open to women in leadership positions who are keen to strengthen their leadership impact and willing to do a deep dive on what they bring to their world. They are women who want to realise their purpose and influence in their roles and in their whole lives. They want to create the future, not stand by and watch mediocrity and status quo keep us all small.
    • Virtual 90 minute sessions 
    • Pre-program individual coaching session
    • Resources
    • Collaborative learning group 
    • Articles and books
    • Informal zoom room sessions

    Click here to register for 2021 Program

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  • Key to Success-

    Is the Learning Intelligence of Your Organisation Getting You SHIFT?



    Collaborative Growth


    We need to shake the status quo and the comfort zone and get moving! Whether we're focusing on strategy, continuous improvement, risk or simply staying ahead of the game, having a mindset that is about growth, learning and possibilities is vital.



    A compelling space and energy in our organisations can make or break a thriving environment. Understanding the things we can do that create a place that people want to co-create and collaborate together is key to the success of an organisation with traction. It's not all about physical space, it's also about the vibe! Do you have the BUZZ?




    It's usually the dialogue (or lack of) that kills innovation and collaboration. Dynamic dialogue that builds connections and the ability to create an atmosphere of learning is required in the complexity of today's world. We need more dialogue that empowers people to feel connected, valued and make the change and transformation required.

  • Leader and Organisational Programs

    Bespoke design that meets the needs of your organisation

    Ferocious Warmth Leadership

    Ferocious Warmth Leadership PROGRAM

    Leadership is messy. Every day there are myriad cross relationships, interactions and dances that go on in offices, meeting rooms and corridors. Leading in the messy middle of that is hard work. It constantly pulls us to one direction or another. Our ability to lead with balance and calmness can be a daily challenge.


    Tracey Ezard works with leaders to increase their ability to balance both results and relationships. With intact leadership teams or leadership programs, we cover topics such as trust, conversational intelligence, psychological safety and empathy, as well as strategic thinking tools to bring leadership shift.

    Tracey works with leaders to enable them to achieve real shift in their organisations.

    LEAP Strategy - Collaborative Planning That Does Make A Difference and Give You the Momentum You Need!

    Have your leaders sat through strategic planning that sucked? Retreats that bored everyone to snores and strategy that got locked into the filing cabinet? Tracey Ezard uses leading edge collaborative visual tools to take organisations through a thought provoking and future focussed process, ending with a dynamic, aligned and committed plan of action.

    Have you got THE BUZZ? Thriving Professional Learning Environments

    Explore and strengthen the key elements of vibrant and thriving professional learning communities . Working with Tracey on this core skill of transformational organisations provides opportunity for your staff to identify their strengths in this area and how they can tap further into their emotional intelligence and 'learning intelligence' to create a thriving environment - even when times are tough!

    Elevate from a Hum to a Buzz!

  • Speaker

    Engaging and motivating keynote speaking - psychological safety; learning; leadership; collaboration

    Mentor and Critical Friend

    Helping leaders challenge the status quo and create momentum in their organisations


    The Buzz: Creating Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Cultures

    Glue: The Stuff That Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Stuff

    Educator and Facilitator

    Developing leaders and staff through dynamic sessions with a focus on application of learning, shift and transformation in the real world of their work.

    Facilitating the collaborative discussion and harnessing direction, action and outcomes.

    Executive Coach

    Supporting leaders in their quest for growth

  • Collective wisdom and building collective capacity are the way of the future.

    Creating this within our staff learning community is the springboard to growth.


    Getting a good sense of how strong our buzz is (Is it a buzz? A hum? Or are those just crickets chirping?) can be a challenge when we’re sitting in the middle of it. To gauge what is going on we need to sit back and reflect on ourselves and our school.


    ‘The Buzz’ Diagnostic will guide your reflection.


    It asks about three core areas of learning intelligence: mindset, environment and belief.

    • Mindset. The way people in the learning community think.

    • Environment. The actions a learning community takes to stimulate professional learning.

    • Dialogue. The quality of the conversations learning communities have.

    In each of these areas, there are some questions about how you feel as an individual educator, and how you feel as an educator within your school community.


    When you’ve finished the Buzz Diagnostic, you will receive an individual report with feedback on important actions for your professional reflection practices.


    If you are in a leadership position, you will receive a separate report with specific feedback for your school’s professional learning community.


    So, what’s The Buzz at your school like?


    Estimated time to complete - 10 minutes


    Anonymity Statement

    All individual reports are kept confidential and are not shared with your school. If your school is participating in a whole school diagnostic, they will receive an aggregate summary report, however individual responses will still be kept confidential as your responses will be collated with feedback from other staff.

  • Proudly Supporting


    Simple action. Many people. Big impact.

    I’m carbon neutral, are you?

    Replenishing the Planet to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to deliver universal education and to create global partnerships. Learn more

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