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Why Psychological Safety

The evidence base is mounting and it's exciting. Teams who want to create an environment of innovation, transformation and getting out of the old comfort zone need something. Something that helps them be both courageous and vulnerable. Something that makes them feel that no matter what happens - their teammates have got their backs. This something is psychological safety. The ability to feel 'safe for interpersonal' risk-taking, without fear of status or career impact. Academics such as Professor Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor at Harvard Business School are leading the world's research in this area. Her description of psychological safety is: “a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes.”

I see teams make huge breakthroughs when they spend time focussing on the quality of their team culture. When we explore what is happening in our brains, when we are in a state of learning and openness compared to fear and shut down, we discover HOW we should do the WHAT of our work.
It's about trust, connection and lifting the bar with one another. It's about honest reflections and candour.

Then the extraordinary work of leading amazing results can happen. But not before........



Do you need to spend a day focused on connecting back together as a team and on the work? Could you and your team all do with some deep discussion that re-calibrates you as a team - your culture, your strengths and your key pieces of work? Do you need to have some honest conversations that bring about a refreshed approach?

Psychological Safety is one of the evidence-based keys to high performance and learning cultures. This workshop day, facilitated by Tracey Ezard helps executive and leadership teams do this foundational work and create the psychologically safe environment to have discussions that elevate understanding, trust and performance.

Email: to book, or organise a time to chat about whether this fits your needs.