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Authentic Collaboration - A Real Schools Webinar

We know authentic collaboration within our schools makes massive impact on students…. and yet creating a culture where everyone is open to learning together and shifting practice is tricky! What are the elements of a staff learning culture that is curious, dynamic, and open to deep learning? A place with a buzz? These schools create strong, forward momentum for growth.

Tracey Ezard has been fascinated by schools that manage to create this culture for most of her teaching and leadership career. Her books ‘The Buzz’ and ‘Glue ‘ explore these cultures and their key elements. In this session, Tracey and Adam will discuss:

• Why creating a psychologically safe team culture leads to better adult learning

• What authentic collaboration really looks like

• The key pillars of ‘The Buzz’ that leaders can focus on to improve collaborative culture

• Trust building as one of the first and most important jobs for a leader

This is a completely FREE 1-hour opportunity that you simply can’t miss.