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A Professional Learning Culture Resource in Response to Requests

Many asked, so I created one

Hi Everyone,

Once a year I will send out an email that lets you know about a product or service that I am offering. I keep these to the barest minimum, knowing the critical real estate every email takes in your inbox! This is one of those times. I know how important both your time is, as well as the need to access quality resources that support the important work you are all doing in school.

Over the years of working with schools and systems on professional learning cultures and deep collaboration, I have often had leaders ask the following:

- How can I as a leader help build middle and senior leaders' confidence and skills to lead these deeper and often more challenging conversations?

- How can we sustain the conversation about culture when we are so 'heads down' doing the work?

- How can we drop you, Tracey, into staff and team meetings to provoke and lead discussion on things like trust, psychological safety, connection, being curious not defensive?

So in 2021 I did just that.

I created The Buzz Academy. This online portal is like a treasure chest. It contains 24 Buzz Bite Videos that range from 3 minutes to 7 minutes each. Each is designed to be used as a provocation in staff meetings or professional learning sessions to raise important cultural concepts.

Supporting these videos are over 70 resources for leaders to use to embed the discussion and the learning. It provides leaders with easy to grab activities to help your learning culture to thrive.

The Buzz Diagnostic is an included benchmarking tool for member schools that helps you be more strategic in how you might use the resources and see the growth over a period of time. A Community of Practice section provides opportunity to connect with other schools using the program.

The online platform videos were filmed and directed by film director Mo McCrae and the look is fresh, appealing and user friendly. It is a resource to help leaders build culture with the other professionals in a school and build their own capacity at the same time. Many schools have been members of the Buzz Academy this year since launch.

If you want to support the leaders in your school, or schools, in 2023 to lead discussions on being adult learners together, creating a positive challenge culture and creating collective efficacy, this may be just what you are looking for.

The Capability Assessment below gives you the intention of each Buzz Bite (video and resources) and is a good place to get a sense of the content.

If you think this is a resource that would support the strategic intent of your school, check out the website at and sign up for a 7 day trial to have a look around. Or have a brief look at this video that provides an overview of the program and its contents.

Schools that sign up for a yearly membership in Term 4 of their school year get access for 5 terms, to enable you and your leadership team time to have a good look around and see how you will use it in 2023.

We've also got an information webinar coming up in Term 4 on October 18th at 4pm AEST. Register for this webinar here or via the image below. Bring along your leadership team so they can ask questions and see first hand the resources within the Buzz Academy.

Click on the images below for the links mentioned above.


Culture is built in micro-moments. The small moments make the big moments and move us to shift and transformation. How are you helping the leaders in your school lead this critical work?


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